The Perks

Being a member gets you access to monthly coaching specifically to maximize the impact of your purpose. We curate masterclasses that support you in mind, body and business. You get access to incredible guest experts across diverse industries. Women who come in to share their experiences and expertise with you, because they want to see you win.

We host monthly, fun challenges with actionable steps to get you the results you desire. We host planning sessions that inspire and move you to accomplish your yearly goals successfully. You will learn to create a powerful personal brand that is in alignment with your core values and so much more.


Core Benefits

Monthly Coaching

Live monthly group coaching on topics you need to connect your purpose to profits confidently


Monthly group coaching session with Award winning Publicist (20+ years) NLP Master Practitioner Yetunde Shorters

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Growth Resources

Resources and video trainings to help you provide quality work, make it look good, and make it do good

Next level tools

Swipe files, templates, masterclasses, tools and resources to ensure you have exactly what you need to create a powerful, purposeful, profitable personal brand

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Purpose Community

A place you can feel like you belong. With women that want to see you win. Women who challenge and support you with love

We've Got You

Our Premier Power Circle community, is a place where cool down-to-earth, multi-passionate and purpose-centered women support you with pure love, accountability and connected-ness

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Your monthly subscription of $95 includes access to the following…

  • Masterplan in 60 minutes course ($99)
  • The Perfect Social Media Calendar
  • Access to monthly coaching/masterclasses
  • Surprise guest experts sharing insider secrets
  • Monthly challenges to get your yearly goals accomplished
  • Tools, resources, hacks and more

Plus, with an Annual Membership ($950) you also get access to:

  • The Ultimate Purposeful Branding Planner hard-copy & PDF ($199)
  • Exclusive Masterclass: PR & Purpose, The Perfect Match ($499)
  • Media Pitch Swipe files ($500)
  • Media Pitch Checklist
  • 40 Top Media e-mail contacts ($750)
  • Early access to masterclasses
  • Bonus 2 months free on your membership