Hey multi-passionate, incredible woman you. Your Next Level, Purpose coach and Cheerleader here, —Yetunde Shorters.



The biggest challenge I’ve heard from many women entrepreneurs is their desire to get crystal clarity on their purpose. They want to produce quality work, make sure it looks good and make sure it does good. I call it the Be Good, Look Good, Do Good Factor. I feel you for real. If I got applauded for every passionate idea I have ever considered let alone activated, I would probably have a stadium full of applauds, and I’ll be taking a bow.

Since that never happened, I was left to figure out how to connect the thread of my many passions into one quilt that is designed to keep those I serve getting to radical clarity.



A bit about the first time: When I was 11, I had the first experience of my purpose and how it could serve the world. I coached a classmate and motivated her to be a better student. From Chicago, to Lagos and back to Chicago, then West Palm Beach, then Miami. I would spend the next 28 years building a personal brand and marketing myself in graphic design, modeling, content creation, event planning, corporate training, communications and publicity, food photography, the chef life, business consultancy, and ultimately back where I started; as a Coach. Talk about multi-passionate, YUP, I get it.

The best thing that ever happened to me in 2009 was ending up in the hospital with adrenal fatigue. In that moment I was asking myself “so Yetunde all this anxiety and working too hard, if you die today, the world would move on and none of it would matter. These self-imposed deadlines you’re giving yourself, don’t matter. You have something incredible you know you are supposed to be doing in this world. Decide today and start doing it.”

That was it. I began a conscious journey in October 2009 to change my life in 30-days. Within months, I signed one of my biggest clients, International recording artist, DavidO. I was nominated for multiple industry awards, featured in magazines for my work and I finally understood what it meant to Live Through Purpose®. I knew I still had a lot to learn. I also knew I had to share what I had learned so far because it was transformative.

Now, I coach hundreds of women across the globe on how to get crystal clear on their next level of purpose so they can impact lives, build community of raving fans and earn profits confidently with their purpose.

I was created to coach and cheer you to step FULLY into your purpose, attract your ideal paying customers and create content that aligns with your purpose, so you can live a joyful and fulfilling life.

I created the Premier Power Circle because I know women who are multi-passionate, cool, down-to-earth, high achievers who like to have a good time and still work hard and make an impact need a place to call home. Well…. Goddess. Welcome HOME!



I created Premier Power Circle for the multi-passionate + needs accountability+ creative woman entrepreneur who is ready to…

  • Get crystal clarity and activate the next level of her purpose using her mind ‘first’ as her power tool

  • Connect authentically with women like herself who want to provide and produce quality work, make it look good in any format and make sure it does good in the world.

  • Gain more confidence and stand in her role as leader; be positioned as an expert in her industry. An expert who is loved, respected and paid to impact thousands.

  • Create content that fits her personality and is valuable to the people she was designed specifically to serve

“As an entrepreneur, I met Yetunde when I was ready to change status quo leveraging her creative, thorough, result-driven and purpose-oriented approach to achieve success in my businesses. A sure force to reckon with.”



Live Through Purpose®