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What is Premier Power Circle?2020-08-06T18:35:14+00:00

This membership is for women with personal brands or who want to create purposeful personal brands, new entrepreneurs, intermediate entrepreneurs and personalities who know they are leaders and simply want a community of cool, purpose-centered women to connect and grow successfully with.

How do I know this is right for me?2020-08-06T18:36:34+00:00

You know this is right for you because you’re ready to be in a space where women who are purpose-centered, women who want to impact the world, women who have a calling on their life, are looking for other women to connect to. Women who get it, who can support them, who they can support, who do the work of light workers to help transform our planet. If you want to end your nights of thinking “it’s hard to find women that get it and I can sincerely connect, who support me in purpose work, and I them, then yes, this membership is for you. You get to learn how to connect your purpose to impact and profits and hang with relatable women who challenge and love you for you and you do the same for them, then this membership is for you.

Where can I access the membership?2020-08-06T18:31:37+00:00

You can access your membership from anywhere in the world by going to  We also have a private group on Facebook and Instagram that we connect with. So once you become a member you get added to the group.

How is this different from other memberships?2020-08-06T18:29:37+00:00

This is different from other memberships because it is intentional about attracting and maintaining a beautiful relationship for women who are very purpose-centered. Women who are cool, multi-passionate, down to earth, who want to be better human beings. Women who want to help people and who also want to make money doing what they love and feel good about it.

What am I going to learn?2020-08-06T18:27:26+00:00

What you’re going to learn are strategies, and tips that will help you understand your mind and master your mind better. Understand how to build a powerful purpose-centered brand and understand how to create your own community to support you work. You’ll learn how to position yourself as a leader in the industry with simple ways to create content that transforms your work and our world.

Is this group just for women?2020-08-06T18:23:00+00:00

No, this group is not just for women. However, it’s tends to attract more women and supports women by default. Our goal is simple to help you Live Through Purpose® to provide practical and actionable ways to accomplish this way of living.

Can I be a member even if I am not in the USA?2020-08-06T00:38:04+00:00

Yes, you can be a member even if you’re not in the US. This is a global network of purpose-centered women from all over the globe, who are intentional about connecting and building purpose power for their families and themselves

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?2020-08-06T00:37:09+00:00

If you want to cancel your membership, simply send an email seven days before and you will be cancelled as long as the next billing cycle has not been activated, if you have already been billed, then you will be canceled in the next billing cycle. You will only have one more opportunity to join again. After which if you cancel you will not be allowed into the membership. Consistency and the bond is vital to maintaining this membership.

Can I publicly share what I learn from the membership?2020-08-06T00:35:53+00:00

As long as credit in given from whomever you learn from and you tag and contact hem appropriately. Yes, you can publicly share what you learn. You can however not publicly share for profit or credit, proprietary information exclusive to this membership.

How much time do I need to commit to this membership per month?2020-08-06T00:33:43+00:00

Your commitment to this membership is based on your commitment to building the bonds and spending the time to learn what you need to to build a purpose-centered personal brand. You can estimate to commit at least two hours per month to this membership.

How much is the subscription?2020-08-06T00:32:17+00:00

As of today, the subscription per month for this membership is $95 or if you decide to pay in full for the year it will be $950 which gives you a savings of two months savings on your subscription. Plus if you sign up for the yearly access, you will get

Early access to masterclasses

Exclusive Masterclass: PR & Purpose, The Perfect Match ($499)

The Ultimate Purposeful Branding Planner PDF & PRINT (valued at $199)


Are there any guarantees?2020-08-06T00:29:57+00:00

The guarantee we will provide you with the best possible solutions we have access to, to help you live a purpose-centered life. We guarantee that you will connect with women who shift your perspective on how you see yourself in our world and how we can transform it together.

How do you receive payments?2020-08-06T00:28:26+00:00

We receive payments online via paypal, stripe and paystack (for Nigeria upon request). If you would like to explore other payment options, please let us know.

Will I have one-on-one access to Yetunde Shorters?2020-08-06T18:38:10+00:00

This membership does not offer one-on-one access to Yetunde Shorters. All sessions in our memberships are group session. You book your one on one session with her by clicking here

What do I do if I feel overwhelmed by the content?2020-08-06T00:20:36+00:00

If you feel overwhelmed by the content, simply stop, ask one of your peers for support. Or reach out to the Premier Power Soccer team, to let us know how we can support you and help ease your overwhelm so that you can get to take an action on your goals

Is membership open all year?2020-08-06T00:24:01+00:00

Our memberships are open only four times a year. The reason we do this is to build a bond with our members as we enroll new power players, so that you get to build bonds and connections. So if you miss a membership, you would have to wait to the next open enrollment to join.

How can I become a member?2020-08-06T00:22:21+00:00

You can become a member by simply clicking on the link below to sign up and select your sign up choice. If enrollment is open, you’ll be added immediately. We look forward to serving you.


“About two years ago, I thought I was home with Yetunde’s attention to creative detail matching my energy to help me deliver on my divine assignments. However, recently engaging with her energy, compassion and commitment to NLP-based Life and Purposeful Personal Brand Coaching; I know for sure I’m home to roost here.


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